This is where I do sand castles, and where I sometimes drown.

Real life stuff

You can reach me at or sometimes on XMPP at the same address.

OSS stuff

I sometimes post at linuxfr's.

I have written a set of howtos for Debian but they are now quite outdated.

I am on:

I sometimes play with a number of projects that I keep in a personal git repository. Among those, there are :

  • Multiplicity : A frontend to rdiff-backup.
  • Lazygal : Another static web gallery generator with Makefile like features.
  • Deejayd : An advanced networked controlable media player daemon.
  • APTrepoIndex : A basic personal APT repository (Debian packages repository) index generator.

My GPG key id is 4096R/FECEEACE (transition statement from old key). It should be available from a keyserver.