archived projects
multiplicityBasic frontend to rdiff-backup 3 years
wcap2icalWCAP to ical read-only gateway CGI or WSGI script 3 years
adminerDebian packaging of: Web-based database administration tool 15 months
davmailDebian packaging of: POP/IMAP/SMTP/CalDav/LDAP to Microsoft Exchange gateway 2 weeks
django-contrib-commentsDebian packaging of: comments framework for Django 6 months
django-filebrowser-safeDebian packaging of: asset manager for Django 14 months
django-grappelli-safeDebian packaging of: admin interface enhancement for Django 15 months
django-mezzanineDebian packaging of: CMS built using the Django framework 6 months
jqueryui-nestedsortableDebian packaging of: jQuery plugin that adds nested lists support to sortable UI 15 months
libhtmlcleaner-javaDebian packaging of: Java HTML Parser library 6 months
sockjs-twistedDebian packaging of: SockJS server for Twisted-Python 14 months
ccnet-serverDebian packaging of: framework for writing networked applications in C (server) 13 days
django-constanceDebian packaging of: Django app for dynamic django settings 5 months
django-post-officeDebian packaging of: Django app to send and manage your emails in Django 2 years
django-statici18nDebian packaging of: Django app helper for generating static files JS catalog 13 days
django-termsandconditionsDebian packaging of: Django terms and conditions module 5 months
seafile-serverDebian packaging of: online file storage and collaboration tool (server) 13 days
seahubDebian packaging of: online file storage and collaboration tool (server web frontend) 14 months
deejaydNetwork controllable media player daemon 10 months
selfossThe multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application 20 months
lazygalStatic web gallery generator 12 days
sbuilder-liteHelper to build deb packages in schroots and include them in a apt repo 5 months
smlconfigPoor man's configuration management as a Debian package 8 weeks
sousmonlitThe source code for the root of this webserver. 15 months
syaA very simple frontend to the borg backup program. 6 months