archived projects
ccnet-serverDebian packaging of: framework for writing networked applications in C (server) 4 years
dcaencDebian packaging of: implementation of the DTS codec 2 years
django-constanceDebian packaging of: Django app for dynamic django settings 3 years
django-post-officeDebian packaging of: Django app to send and manage your emails in Django 3 years
django-statici18nDebian packaging of: Django app helper for generating static files JS catalog 4 years
django-termsandconditionsDebian packaging of: Django terms and conditions module 4 years
multiplicityBasic frontend to rdiff-backup 7 years
seafile-serverDebian packaging of: online file storage and collaboration tool (server) 4 years
seahubDebian packaging of: online file storage and collaboration tool (server web frontend) 3 years
wcap2icalWCAP to ical read-only gateway CGI or WSGI script 7 years
django-filebrowser-safeDebian packaging of: asset manager for Django 13 months
django-grappelli-safeDebian packaging of: admin interface enhancement for Django 13 months
django-mezzanineDebian packaging of: CMS built using the Django framework 13 months simple Debian package providing multiposte desktop entry 5 months
jqueryui-nestedsortableDebian packaging of: jQuery plugin that adds nested lists support to sortable UI 13 months
sockjs-twistedDebian packaging of: SockJS server for Twisted-Python 5 months
deejaydNetwork controllable media player daemon 7 months
selfossThe multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application 5 years
ansible-agentCollection of scripts to make ansible behave like an agent 6 months
lazygalStatic web gallery generator 6 weeks
sbuilder-liteHelper to build deb packages in schroots and include them in a apt repo 6 weeks
sd-keepaneyeKeeping an eye on systemd 9 months
smlconfig-ansiblePersonal try at using ansible to configure my machines 3 weeks
sousmonlitThe source code for the root of this webserver. 3 months
syaA very simple frontend to the borg backup program. 7 days