Actual version : 0.14.0 (2018-07-07)


deejayd is an media player written in python and based on twisted. So, it is a network daemon which can be controlled with a client application like MPD. The protocol used to control deejayd is a JSON-RPC protocol. Documentation of this protocol can be found in source archive (doc directory)


  • djc : ----- djc is a command line client available in this package
  • deejayd-webui : -------- It is a web based client included in this package and built with angular.io (https://angular.io) and angular material (https://material.angular.io/). It has to work with recent versions of firefox and chrome. url to use this interface : http://host:webuiport/


* python >= 3.4
* twisted >= 16.6.0 (http://twistedmatrix.com/trac)
* sqlalchemy >= 1.0.0 (https://www.sqlalchemy.org/)
* mutagen >= 1.30
* if you want to use gstreamer backend
    * gstreamer >= 1.2.0 (http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org)
* if you want to use vlc backend
    * libvlc >= 2.2.0
* if you want to use mpv backend
    * mpv >= 0.23
* To be abble to play video medias
    * libX11, libXext
* nodejs 6 or higher and npm to build the webui

If you want to build deejayd (distutils distribution), you also need the python3-babel package installed to build .mo file


Download deejayd and extract it: $tar xzvf deejayd-0.14.0.tar.gz

Then, install it with: $cd deejayd-0.14.0 $python setup.py install


To launch deejayd just do $deejayd See "deejayd --help" for more informations

To launch djc (command line client), just do $djc COMMANDS ARGS See "djc --help" to see available commands

Test deejayd without installing it:

If you want to test deejayd without installing it, you need to build the webui: $ ./setup.py build Then prepare a configuration file based on deejayd/ui/defaults.conf. After that, you can launch deejayd with $ PYTHONPATH=. python scripts/deejayd -n -c $cfg_file