Recent changes to this wiki:

lazygal 0.8
lazygal 0.7.4
lazygal 0.7.3
lazygal 0.7.2
lazygal 0.7.1
lazygal 0.7
lazygal: demos section and link to Michal's gallery
lazygal 0.6.2
only link latest version of lazygal
lazygal 0.6
lazygal now requires python 2.6 (Debian bug #619032)
reorganize lazygal features
lazygal 0.6
fix typo in multiplicity page
fixup toc directive calls
lazygal 0.5.2
lazygal 0.5.1
lazygal requires python 2.5
add HTML5 video demo on lazygal page
release lazygal 0.5
fix typo in hg pull and update command
switch lazygal to mercurial
switch everything to hg except lazygal for now
Initial import